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Why Altura Benefits

Top 5 Reasons clients have chosen Altura Benefits as their Advisor

  • One source for employee benefits. Altura Benefits provides great solutions for employee benefits. We are devoted to creating an outstanding client experience that is personalized, whether you are an individual employee needing help with claims or enrollment, an HR executive, or a business owner seeking solutions for your company. Let us be your HR support team.
  • Leveraging technology to optimize your efficiency. We integrate several different technologies to make your HR processes more efficient. From HRIS, payroll, and compliance to online benefits enrollment, we help your business achieve more with less.
  • Engaged, knowledgeable advocacy at all levels. We do everything possible to promote access to affordable health insurance coverage. We are an agent for all major insurance companies, as well as a member of the National Association of Health Underwriters, (NAHU-America’s Benefits Specialists) which advocates for a stabilized marketplace and slow increases in premiums. Craig Paulson, our president, is also a past-president of the Utah Association of Health Underwriters, (UAHU-Utah’s Benefits Specialists) which advocates for insurance consumers and educates brokers in Utah. Altura focuses on employee benefits issues at the state, federal and industry levels.
  • Compliance knowledge and guidance. Our team brings more than 60 years’ combined experience in HR compliance, and we are dedicated to staying on top of regulatory issues. We help guide clients through the compliance maze and provide the tools and education to avoid the risks associated with non-compliance. We also partner with HR Service, Inc. to offer our clients information and legal updates, and a resource center for legal notices for companies nationwide. Altura clients with more than 20 employees receive the Compliance Basics package at HR Services.
  • Strategic financial advisors who make a difference. We work hard to help you choose the ideal financial planning strategy for your needs and preferences. With Altura Benefits, you will receive sound guidance, based on years of industry experience, customized to your unique situation. Putting our clients’ interests and needs first is our trademark. We believe it is also the driving force behind the robust client referrals that continue to fuel our growth. 

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